Renewal Of Vows

renewal of vows

Renewal of Marriage vows is an ideal way for a couple to honour their journey through life together as husband and wife. It recognises and celebrates, any important milestone the couple have reached in their married life. Most ceremonies are associated with a significant anniversary such as 10th 20th, 25th and so on. However it can be any milestone they wish to choose and I have done renewal of vows for 5 years and even less. They usually invite any of the original wedding party, that are still available to celebrate with them.

The Renewal of Vows ceremony will most often reflect on the original wedding and will involve the children of the couple and /or other family members, if this is applicable for their particular circumstances. Like the wedding ceremony, this ceremony is created uniquely for them.

I give couples a Renewal of Vows Planning Manual, to make it easy for them to choose a ceremony and they are invited to contribute their own words and/or give as much input as they wish.

I would love to talk to you about your aspirations for a Renewal of vows Ceremony.

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